We have been producing juice for over ten years and cider (7% ABV) for six. Our orchard is nearly thirty years old. We planted our first trees when we moved here. It has been an adventure.

Our trees have come from over a dozen different nurseries in as many states as we attempted to find the best representatives of cider apples. We have employed numerous people of varied talents in our efforts over the years. Our lives are richer as a result.

We're constantly improving our products. We’re one of the few Wisconsin makers who have our own orchard, pressing facility and ferment our own cider. We’re also definitely a “craft” cider, not fancy; simply the best taste.

Our Cider

Cherry Flight

Just in time for the Holidays! This is a limited edition - 30 cases, of a new product that was raved about (and quickly emptied our Cornie) at three fall events. A fantastic blend of our sweet cider with genuine Door County cherry juice. 7% ABV. Now in 12 oz. bottles and draft at your favorite local source. Not there? Please let them - and us, know.


Just sweet enough at about 1.050 SG, a blend of these Cider: Brown Snout, Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Standard: Newtown Pippin, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, and others.

Black Dragon

Finishes nearly dry at about 1.005 SG. There's enough residual sweetness to balance the greater acidity and tannin. Cider: Foxwhelp, Kingston Black, crab, Standard: Cortland, Wealthy, others.

Meowee Wowee

Is a metheglyn. It begins as a cyser - honey infused cider, to which we add a spice blend including fresh ginger and lemon, carefully steeped to enhance the magic.

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Cider Pressing

We have the capability to custom press apples for juice or other applications for members of our co op. We employ three presses. Our small, wooden, romantic reproduction Happy Valley Press has excelled at attracting kids at county fairs, store events, and church functions, among other guest appearances. Our Sun Press is a 2 x 2 hydraulic rack and cloth combined with a stainless grinder. It is thorough, loud, and slower than our main press. It’s versatile, doing a great job on both apples and pears. Our Frontier Belt press is capable of 100 gallons per hour. We pre-wash and inspect our incoming apples. They are then lifted by elevator to a brush washer where they are thoroughly cleaned. From there, they drop into a hopper for grinding which produces a pomace suitable for efficient pressing. Juice output is filtered and stored in a balance tank until it is pumped into our CiderSure where it is UV treated to meet USDA health requirements Our Cherry Burrell filler is capable of sanitary filling of gallons, half gallons, and pints. Please contact us for details on co-op membership requirements and cost.

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