The Cool Way The Alita Army Inspired Avatar Producer Jon Landau To Continue Pushing Disney For A Sequel

Just as the fans of Alita: Battle Angel are pursuing their push for a sequel, producer Jon Landau has found inspiration in helping out that very same cause.

Jon Landau comments on the #AlitaArmy

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Avatar 2 (2020) – Sequel News From Jon Landau

“Avatar 2” producer Jon Landau gives exclusive updates on the sequel. And is the first “Avatar” (2009) coming back to cinemas?

Alita: Battle Angel is BACK!

Alita: Battle Angel gets a promising update from producer, Jon Landau

Avatar’s VFX Vs The MCU, Battle Angel Alita Sequel? – Jon Landau Interview’s Brandon Davis got the chance to sit down with Avatar The Way Of Water Producer Jon Landau to talk about the vision he and James Cameron have for this multi-film Avatar world, as well as comparing their level of VFX to the MCU, and why he feels like it may not even be a competition! Plus, speaking of amazing VFX, the Avatar the Way of Water producer also lets it drop that a potential Battle Angel Alita sequel may still be in the works!

So find out what the next steps for this massive, multi film Avatar franchise are after The Way of Water, and why their visual effects continue to break records and do the impossible as we interview oscar winning producer Jon Landau!

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