Why Kate Winslet Believes Titanic Was ‘A Terrifying Experience’ For James Cameron

Kate Winslet reunites with Jim Cameron for Avatar: The Way of Water, but reflected on Titanic when we recently spoke.

Could Jack have fit on the TITANIC door?!

Kate Winslet answers the burning question about TITANIC once and for all!

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Titanic: James Cameron Hires Forensic Expert to Prove Why Jack Had to Die

One of the great debates of our time is about to be laid to rest, once and for all. An argument that took place around water coolers, in school yards, in pubs, clubs and bars, and has raged on for quarter of a century, has now been scientifically debunked. James Cameron, with the help of forensic science, has concluded once and for all, that Jack Dawson, the protagonist of his 1997 romantic epic, Titanic, had to die.

The climax to the film sees the doomed luxury liner sink into the freezing Atlantic Ocean, spilling Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his lover, Rose (Kate Winslet) to what will most likely be a frosty death. Rose manages to climb aboard a wardrobe door in the water, while Jack hangs onto the side, speaking words of encouragement for her to keep fighting. Jack finally succumbs to the subzero temperatures, dying of exposure as Rose lets him go into the dark, cold sea.

Read more: https://collider.com/titanic-james-cameron-proves-jacks-death/

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Kate Winslet On Reuniting With ‘Titanic’ Director James Cameron For ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’

ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante sits down with Kate Winslet in London to find out what it was like working with “Titanic” director James Cameron once again on “Avatar: The Way Of Water”.

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James Cameron Proves Kate Winslet Wrong About ‘Titanic’ Door

After Kate Winslet publicly declared she thinks Jack could have fit on the door in “Titanic” (and Leonardo DiCaprio steered clear of weighing in), Graeme O’Neil takes a look at how James Cameron is ready to prove everyone wrong.