Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Just Cast Another Big Dutton Connection To The 1883 Timeline

More casting news for Yellowstone’s 1923 prequel spinoff, and now we know who’ll be playing another member of the Dutton clan.

Yellowstone: Dutton Family Tree Explained In Under 30 Seconds

The Dutton family tree is pretty complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Yellowstone, 1883 and 1923 fans will appreciate this easy explanation of how James, Jacob and John Dutton are related.

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Skip to the 6:00 mark to see the uninterrupted, 30-second long explanation →

0:00 | Dutton Family Tree, explained
0:30 | Correcting Bad Information
0:51 | John Dutton, 5th Generation Rancher
2:07 | How James, Jacob and Claire Dutton Are Related
2:59 | Who are Ned and Chance Dutton?
3:37 | What happened to Spencer and John Dutton Sr?
3:55 | The story of Jack Dutton
4:10 | How Dabney Coleman’s John Dutton Fits In
5:11 | John Dutton’s wife and kids
5:23 | The seventh generation Dutton
6:00 | Dutton Family Tree in 30 Seconds

Find Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone and 1923 Podcast:


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1923: The Dutton Family Tree Explained by Yellowstone Prequel Cast

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Yellowstone 1923 Trailer, Release Date + Plot Revealed!

Today we’ll talk about the new Yellowstone prequel 1923. As you may have heard, the 1932 Yellowstone prequel has a new title called 1923, and naturally the plot of the show has changed because of this. Yes, you heard it right. Yellowstone’s 1932 sequel is renamed 1923, which means that we will witness a decade prior to 1932. When it comes to societal and economic differences, 1923 is very much different than 1932. In 1932, we were expecting to witness the aftermath of the Great Depression and Prohibition, both of which transformed American society unrecognizably. In 1923, though, we will witness the process that leads to that transformation.

What are your expectations from 1923? Do you think it was wise for the showrunners to rename the series? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Yellowstone Prequel 1923 | Full Cast and Characters Announced for Spinoff

Let’s break down the upcoming spinoff 1923, from the cast to Yellowstone and 1883 connections, and more. #Yellowstone

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